Why Estuz?

On one hand Estuz provides salt to people in a healthy way based on the understanding “Balance of life and in the other hand it continues its studies to raise awareness of society for salt usage.

Aiming to inform people on balanced salt consumption, Estuz carries out to inform people about conscious consumption of salt which is a part of Balance of Life through its media and public relations activities. Suggesting more conscious and balanced salt consumption, Estuz cooperates with expert medical and diabetes counselors.

Because Estuz is specialized on salt production in its all food ranges.

It is a favorite and wanted brand due to its quality products in its all service areas, service understanding, technological infrastructure, industrial principals and vision.

Because Estuz is sensitive to public health.

Especially those who have diseases such as hyperthyroid, nodular goiter, hashimato thyroid should not consume non-iodized salt. Experts state that extra iodine consumption may cause harmful side effects or diseases for some people. If a family member should consume non-iodized salt, the food should be cooked without salt and everybody should add the salt appropriate for himself. You may easily find non-iodized Estuz at chain markets, supermarkets or local groceries in ready to use salt packages.

Because Acıgöl, the other resource of Estuz other than marine salt is a closed basin of our country with the cleanest and most natural sodium potential.


Because today, Estuz is among biggest salt producers of Turkey.

As of today, the production is taking place at 3 different plants located in 3 different regions. Estuz is among biggest salt producers of our country with 12.000 Tons/Month production capacity. It reserves its leadership in the category of food industry.

Because Estuz continues its studies as one of the pride sources of our country with its 4 million USD export objective.

Being leader of salt market, Estuz is ranked the first company in salt export of Turkey according to the date of Foreign Trade Undersecretariat of Turkey. Its product range exported to almost 15 countries includes mainly Table Salt, ready to use products and tablet salt types which have high added value.

Because Estuz targets conscious salt consumption with its Balance of Life approach.

‘Balance of life’ can be possible with a balanced consumption. We should not forget the fact that many minerals like iodine are obtained from salt and lack of minerals present less in human body are vital for normal growing and insufficiency of these minerals may cause various diseases. Not only over-consumption but also under-consumption of salt is harmful for our lives. Lack of iodine that may only be taken from salt may cause serious health problems such as mental retardation and growing problems, goiter, death delivery, and dwarfism, hearing disability.

Because Estuz has a wide product range that meets both palatal and health requirements with its iodized, non-iodized, sodium-reduced product types.

An essential for every table, salt is a miracle of nature that should be consumed correctly and under control. Besides being the most essential spice, salt is a mineral, if consumed correctly, balancing the fluids of human body, enabling correct function of our nervous and muscle system.

Because Estuz products are the mystery of universe, healthiest forms of miraculous richness of nature.

Salt keeps the water of body. Salt is effective in spasm of veins together with other hormones. Therefore, in case of extra salt consumption, blood pressure shall arise due to keeping water in the body and vein spasm. The body needs certain amount of salt. Lack of salt causes low blood pressure, weakness and dizziness.

Because Estuz knows and explains the importance of mineral consumption for a healthy life from childhood to senility.

Respected as a holy spice throughout history, salt includes 84 minerals and trace element in addition to its function of flavoring the dishes.

Although human body may produce many substances and even stores some of them, they should intake certain amounts of water and salt everyday.

Balance of life comes from balanced salt consumption.

Salt is the Battery of Nervous System. Claimed to be among important ions of nervous system by neurology specialists, sodium helps transmittance of nerve impulses, affects muscle contraction and relaxation. Experts say insufficient salt consumption may cause hallucination, nervous breakdown, muscle cramps and ilium fractures. Salt is balancing the fluids of human body. Even though we drink necessary amount of water, the amount of water in our body may decrease under normal due to salt deficiency.

Because Estuz is carrying its Balance of Life and it brings a new taste, a new understanding and approach to salt.

Producing every types of salt that is even flavoring the chocolate, ESTUZ adopted balanced consumption for balance of life.

Have balanced sugar, salt; delicious dishes…